PCI 2.7, the huge electricity line that will connect Aquitania (FR) with the Basque Country (SP)

This subacuatic line, that is under studies, will tour 360km of seabed to connect two important regions of Western Europe

The electricity interconnection between France and Spain seems to grow up, step by step, after some years of suspense. This connection, that is considered by the European Commission as “one of the four priorities for electricity for the achievment of European energy objectives”, has its goal in allowing the access to sustainable, competitive and safe electrical system.

PCI 2.7

The cross-border capacity between France and Spain, that currently is based on the Pyrenean Corridor, will increase the transfer capacity between these countries from 2,2 – 2,8 GW till arround 4 GW, something that the European Commission recommends in his 2020-2030 priorities. This proyect, planned to be commissioned in 2023, is in “pre-feasibility” status, what means that is under planification and waiting for differents approvals.

Basic Technical Data:

  • Capacity: 2000 MW (tbc)
  • Voltage: 320-500 kV (tbc)
  • Length: 360 km

Take a look to the framework of the project: 


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