ICSC 2016, the 18th International Conference on Smart Cities

Bangkok, Thailand, will host the 18th edition of the International Conference on Smart Cities with the aim of bringing leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars 

“To exchange and share experiencies and research results on all aspects of Smart Cities”. That´s the goal the 18th International Conference on Smart Cities has remarked for the summit that will take place from 12nd to 13rd of December in the “Thai” capital. The summit, that wants to “provide a premier interdisciplinary flatform” for researches, practitioners and educators, to share and talk about the “most recent innovations, trends and concerns”, will attract the attention of the Smart City world community for two days.

For now, we cannot talk about the program, because it´s not yet published, but in the words of the official website the program “will be soon released”. But, what we have clear is which ones will be the main topics.

Main Topics

  • User-Centred and Participatory Design of Services and Systems for Smart Cities
  • Innovation Labs, Experimental Test-Beds and Simulation Environments
  • Internet-Enabled Infrastructures and Services
  • Mechanisms for Motivating Behaviour Change
  • Service Innovation and Design to Support Smart Cities
  • Cloud Computing and Service Models for Smart City Solutions
  • e-Work and e-Business Applications
  • Planning and Design Challenges for Smart Cities
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Traffic Management
  • Smart Sensor-Based Networks and Applications
  • IS Architecture Designs and Platforms for Smart Cities
  • Case Studies and Innovative Applications for Smart(er) Cities
  • Integrating renewable energy sources into the smart cities grid
  • Harvesting energy with customer participation
  • Microgeneration
  • Frameworks and models for Smart City Initiatives


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