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Itaipu Dam, or how a dam can supply the 75% of one American country´s energy

The Itapu Dam, situated on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, generated 89,5 Twh of energy in 2015, the most of any dam in the world “The sounding stone” is the Guarani translation of the Itapu Dam, that bears the Paraná river, the 7th largest in the world, between Brazil and Paraguay. This dam, that uses 20 generators, supplies 20%

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El tráfico Cloud se multiplicará casi por cuatro entre 2015 y 2020

El informe Global Cloud Index, lanzado por Cisco, afirma que este tipo de tráfico supondrá el 92% de todo el tráfico data center global en 2020 El sexto informe anual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2015-2020), presentado a mediados de este mes, desprende que el tráfico Cloud crecerá un 400% en los próximos cinco años, llegando a suponer el 92% del

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Bombardier Global 7000 aircraft successfully completes first flight

The Canadian company finishes the first flight test of the first and only jet that offers four living spaces Toronto was the place that Bombardier selected for the first flight of his new aircraft, the Global 7000. This plane, that succesfully completed the first flight test vehicle (FTV1), “marks the start of a flight test program for the newest member

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Aeromart Tolouse will take place from November 29th to December 1st

The aerospace summit will land in Tolouse to develop strategic thematics like innovation, quality, training, internationalisation, research programs and industry cooperations More than 1,300 companies from 45 different countries will meet in Tolouse with the aim of dealing a program exclusively reserved to the worldide aerospace clusters. These companies, that will attract arround 2,500 visitants, will develop strategic thematics such

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Elia Grid will help Qatar to develop its smart grid projects

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has announced an agreement operation with the Belgian consultancy  Qatar is preparing the future of his electical grid and is looking to the future through the smart grid eyes. This week, we´ve known that the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, the main company for this kind of issues in the Asian country, and Elia

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