Abu Dhabi approves $64m infrastructure projects

The UAE has approved an ambitious plan to boost capital city´s infrastructures

The Abu Dhabi Executive Council, the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has confirmed development projects worth in $64 million with the aim of boosting the infraestructure of the islamic capital. These plans, that include a $30 million economic item develop the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road from the Falah intersection to the Qasr Al Bahr intersection, as reported the Wam news agency.

The efficiency of the citys road network and the easing of traffic are the main reasons why the Government is enhacing this strategy that has also given green light to link the power generated by the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant to the existing power grid, a project worth in Dh63 million.

The electric supply, a priority

Althought the projects are not only based in the electrical grids, the supply is arranged as a priority for the administration, that has the aim of building four 400V overhead transmission lines at the Barakah plant and link them to the two main stations in Madinat Zayed and Bab 2. Something that wil provide a new link, that ensures the supply, to the Abu Dhabi General Transport Company network. A grid controled by a centre that manages 5,600MW from the overal power generated at the sation.

Arround 89km of electric cables will be installed to accomplish the approved plan.


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