7th Annual Internet of Things European Summit

Smart Networks


Knowing what the leading industry stakeholders and European policy makers expect about IoT will become reality in the 7th Annual IoT european Summit

This 7th annual summit, that will take place at the Management Centre Europe in Brussels from 18 to 19 of May, will bring together over 200 delegates to talk about the IoT market situation in Europe.

Main Topics:

  • The importance of the Digital Single Market for the success of IoT – key policy considerations
  • New revenue streams and business model innovations 
  • IoT in practice – a series of interactive ‘Tech Talks’ 
  • IoT connectivity
  • Finding the right balance between data-driven innovation and the safeguarding of privacy
  • Keeping hackers from the headlines: lessons from recent cyber incidents 


Most Oustading Speakers

7th iot summit.png

Visit the official web to know all the details



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