Terms of use

In Velatia Networks we´ve established a number of conditions for our followers, users and readers. So if you post or comment in this blog, it is implicit that you accept our terms of use:

  • We won´t admit any comment or content including insults, defamations, threats or vexations.
  • We won´t either allow contents or comments considerate obscene, racist or xenophobic.
  • It´s forbidden to publish any comment that promotes illegal activities (child pornography, terrorism, etcetera.) or that invites to a violent behavior.
  • Any message destined to interrupt a conversation won´t be admitted. Messages that only include character repetitions or web links will be considered as annoying.
  • Promotional or advertising content. Any comment directly or indirectly related with the promotion of a product or brand will not be admitted.
  • Any content send using a robot software with the proposal of generate noise will be considered as spam and will be immediately deleted.
  • If a user impersonate the identity of another one it will be enough to prevent any of his comments.
  • There should not be published any images or graphics with copyright or royalties. Any published images should be property of the user.

In the case you violate any of these conditions it will be under your legal responsibility.

Responsability exclusion

Velatia Networks will not be the responsible of any comment published in the blog by any user that breach our agreed terms of use.

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