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El tráfico Cloud se multiplicará casi por cuatro entre 2015 y 2020

El informe Global Cloud Index, lanzado por Cisco, afirma que este tipo de tráfico supondrá el 92% de todo el tráfico data center global en 2020 El sexto informe anual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2015-2020), presentado a mediados de este mes, desprende que el tráfico Cloud crecerá un 400% en los próximos cinco años, llegando a suponer el 92% del

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Ikusi deploys its Condor slot management and monitoring solution at Cuba’s international airports

Ecasa, the state-owned enterprise that operates Cuba’s airports, has placed its trust in Ikusi to deploy a solution enabling it to optimize the management of airport slots in response to the growing demand for flights anticipated at the country’s airports. After an initial data-gathering and characterisation phase at Cuba’s airports, the solution will shortly begin functioning to coordinate the country’s

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Stratenergy lidera la monitorización y el control en radiobases de dos operadores de telefonía en México

La empresa, especializada en la gestión eficiente de la demanda energética, comienza así un proyecto piloto en uno de los países con más proyección del mercado A fines de año, dos operadores de telefonía en México comienzan un proyecto piloto encaminado a optimizar el gasto operacional derivado del coste energético de sus radiobases en el despliegue de red celular en

Read more, an EU-Japanese Collaborative Project on Smart Cities

The collaboration between the European Union and Japan has inaugurated a new episode in the history of the economy with the aim of boosting the smart cities A new platform that links technologies like the Internet of THings (IoT), Big Data and Cloud with Open Government Data (OGD) and Linked Open Data, is the new project of collaboration that the European Union

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Internet of Things World Forum date will be announced by September 15

One of the most famous IoT forum is moving to the first half of 2017, and soon, by September 15, we´ll discover the date of the summit The event, sponsored by Cisco, has been celebrated before in cities like Dubai, Barcelona or Chicago, but, due to some problems we don´t exactly know, 2016’s summit has been moved to the first

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Günther H. Oettinger: “5G is not about the telecom industry, it´s about the whole economy, the whole society”

The European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society presented the EU plan about 5G and digital economy Today, in Velatia Networks, we carry you what the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther H. Oettinger, said recently about the oportunity that the 5G could represent for the European economy and society. Take a look to the vídeo bellow: #5G is

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Günther Oettinger: “Europe needs a 700,000 million euros investment in digital infrastructure”

The European Commissioner boosts the idea of investing in a core field to be competitive with Silicon Valley and the Chinese digital industry The digital industry will be a mainstay in our future economy. That´s the idea that the European Commissioner Günther Oettinger explained the last Thursday. In the case that Europe can´t develop fiber-optic networks and next-generation high-speed 5G wireless

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