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Bristol wins global Smart City award

The British city has defeated other opponents like Barcelona, Dubai, New York, Singapore and Yinchuan during the GSMA´s 2018 Global Mobile Awards Wich is the Smartest City of the world? We have the answer, although this could sound quite pretentious: Bristol. This is the conclusion obteined during the GLOMOs (the 'Oscars' of the mobile industry) that were celebreted during the last month in the Mobile World Congress, at Barcelona.Bristol, that has defeated other Smart Cities that traditionaly have occuped high technology levels (New York, Dubai, Barecelona, Singapore, Yinchuan...), is actually the smartest city of the world. To that end, the judges have highlighted the joint venture between the British city and the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council, called Bristol Is Open. This partnership has the aim on integrating three networks through software defined control:...

Have you assisted to the Innovation Expo in Amsterdam?

Discover the aftermovie that the organisation has published for all the visitants [youtube] Design, water management, energy transition, food production, mobility, logistics and governance: Smart Cities, in short, was the topic of this event that gathered more than 4.000 visitors for one day in the Dutch Capital. Do you want more info? Click here then.