City Renaissence in the Digital Age, Florence May 30th – June 1st

Smart Networks


Smart Cities in a Historical City, that´s the cocktail that the “City Renaissance in the Digital Age” offers for its visitants in the Italian city of Florence

The City of Florence, in colaboration with Major Cities of Europe, will host delegates from cities from all over Europe in a summit about the mix between the Smart Cities (supported by the Internet of Things) and the historical cities. The goal? “Aiming at improving the performance of Local Government through the use of Information Technology”.


  •  E-government and Digital transformation
  •  Research develops innovative approaches for citizen’s participation
  •  From young to old age: education, health and social services
  •  What does the future hold?
  •  The devil’s debate about e-government, digital transformation and smart cities
  •  Citizen’s participation



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