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The collaboration between the European Union and Japan has inaugurated a new episode in the history of the economy with the aim of boosting the smart cities

A new platform that links technologies like the Internet of THings (IoT), Big Data and Cloud with Open Government Data (OGD) and Linked Open Data, is the new project of collaboration that the European Union and the Government of Japan has launched together this July. This deal, that will be coordinated in Europe by the Bern University of Applied Sciences and in Japan by the YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory, will be running for two and a half years.

Creating value for the society and all actors in the city environment – people, private enterprises, public administrations“. This is the main goal of this consortium that also has another 6 objectives:


Amsterdam, Murcia and Zurich, which have already experienced in the Open Data area, will validate the the practical relevance of this patform. By the Japanese side, Sapporo, Tokyo and Yokosuka will be the testing cities.

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