Hong Kong has started a smart street lighting pilot project

The Chinese city has the aim on transforming the street lighting in an intelligent system

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10 leading countries in solar energy generation

10 leader countries in solar energy generation

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Australia plans its first offshore wind farm

This renewable energy farm, that will cover 574-square kilometre area, will be situated in the Victoria state  Renewable energy continues reaching milestones all over the world. Now, the turn is for Australia that, as the Victoria state government announced, are planing their first offshore wind farm of the country. "Start of the South", the name of this strategy, will cover a 574-square kilometre area between 10 and 25 kilometres off the southern part of the country, in the Bass Strait, near Melbourne. The...

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Why Velatia networks?

The world is constantly changing, and we, as society have to adapt to the news needs that are emerging: energy supply, new and alternative transport solutions, changes in the communication networks, population grow, energy effiency, security, etcetera.

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Offshore Wind Farm

Poland is back on the wind energy map after planning 8 GW of offshore wind energy

The European country has announced an ambitious plan for installing 8 GW of offshore wind capacity in the Polish Baltic Sea The renewable energy market continues giving us news about how countries are trying to addapt their energy production to a new paradigm of sustainable and green energy. Today is the turn of Poland, that wants to boost their wind energy power with a plan of 8 GW of offshore wind located in the Polish Baltic Sea. Although the time horizon that PSE, the public company responsible of design and carry out effective this plan, is 2026/2027 for the first 4 GW of offshore wind, the remaining energy capacity will be installed in longer term, as Eryk Klokowski, President of PSE, confirmed.This information, published by WindEurope, confirms how Poland has become a key leader in the offshore wind supply...

Smart City Energy Forum Topics

Smart Cities World Forum, 7-8 May in Toronto, Canada

The summit, that will be celebrated in The International Centre in Toronto, will gather the main experts of Smart Cities during two days During two days Toronto will be the hotpoint of Smart Cities thanks to the Smart Cities World Forum, that will be celebrated from the 7th to the 8th in The International Centre of the city. The event, that will combine expert conferences with different workshops and activities, has the aim on "educating people towards smart cities and urban planning techologies, strive for innovation ,promote business and connect thousands of smart city experts from around the globe", as they announce on their website.   Conference Topics During the conference, some trendy issues like Smart Grids, Smart Agriculture, Smart Transportation, Industrial IoT, Smart & Green Buildings, Smart Health, Smart PAyments, Smart Governance/E-Government,...

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