10 leading countries in solar energy generation

10 leader countries in solar energy generation

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5 main advantages for the development of the Smart Grid

Have you ever think about why everybody says that Smart Grids are so important for the next years? Take a look to know the 5 main reasons

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Smart Networks

Australia plans its first offshore wind farm

This renewable energy farm, that will cover 574-square kilometre area, will be situated in the Victoria state  Renewable energy continues reaching milestones all over the world. Now, the turn is for Australia that, as the Victoria state government announced, are planing their first offshore wind farm of the country. "Start of the South", the name of this strategy, will cover a 574-square kilometre area between 10 and 25 kilometres off the southern part of the country, in the Bass Strait, near Melbourne. The...

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Why Velatia networks?

The world is constantly changing, and we, as society have to adapt to the news needs that are emerging: energy supply, new and alternative transport solutions, changes in the communication networks, population grow, energy effiency, security, etcetera.

Velatia Networks

Safe and reliable

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Bristol wins global Smart City award

The British city has won other opponents like Barcelona, Dubai, New York, Singapore and Yinchuan during the GSMA´s 2018 Global Mobile Awards Wich is the Smartest City of the world? We have the answer, although this could sound quite pretentious: Bristol. This is the conclusion obteined during the GLOMOs (the 'Oscars' of the mobile industry) that were celebreted during the last month in the Mobile World Congress, at Barcelona.Bristol, that has defeated other Smart Cities that traditionaly have occuped high technology levels (New York, Dubai, Barecelona, Singapore, Yinchuan...), is actually the smartest city of the world. To that end, the judges have highlighted the joint venture between the British city and the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council, called Bristol Is Open. This partnership has the aim on integrating three networks through software defined control: fibre...

Bombardier foresees 2,050 new aircraft for Asia-Pacific by 2036

The aeronautic manufacturer predicts a big growth in Asia-Pacific region in the next 20 years Bombardier Commercial Aircraft’s 2017-2036 Market Forecast, covering the 60- to 150-seat segment, shows that the Asia-Pacific region, which Bombardier defines as Asia without Greater China, is forecasted to undergo impressive growth over the next 20 years.This region is expected to take delivery of 2,050 aircraft, or 16 per cent of a worldwide market for 12,550 aircraft valued at $820 billion U.S. Asia-Pacific deliveries should consist of 1,050 large regional aircraft (50 to 100 seats) and 1,000 small single-aisle aircraft (100 to 150 seat).“Asia-Pacific region is the home of the fastest growing economies. Strong GDP growth and a booming middle class should drive passenger traffic numbers to triple in the next 20 years,” said Francois...

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