5 main characteristics for a real Smart Grid

There are many ideas linked with the Smart Grids, but today we want to share 5 main attributes that any Smart Grid must fulfill to be considered as a real Smart Grid The Smart Grid is the electrical grid that is able to integrate, efficiently, the behavior and actions of each user connected to that grid, ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy system, emphisizing the high quality and security services. But, how must a real Smart Grid acquire this definiton? If we have to define 5 mainstays...

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What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

Also known as SDG´s, the sustainable development goals have become part of current social discourse. But do we know what they are?

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How does a Smart Airport work?

The Smart Airports are focused in the experience of the customer. Today, in Velatia Networks, we show you each device interacts in a Smart AirportIkusi is an acknowledged IT specialist in the airport sector, with 35 years of proven experience. This company, that is part of the Velatia group, provides innovative solutions through proprietary development and partner alliances.Today, we are going to show how they improve the airport customer experience to a Smart Airport one, by providing Spider...

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How does a fast electric vehicle charging station work?

Charge points are becoming increasingly commonplace on our road. But do you know how a fast electric vehicle charging station works?

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Why Velatia networks?

The world is constantly changing, and we, as society have to adapt to the news needs that are emerging: energy supply, new and alternative transport solutions, changes in the communication networks, population grow, energy effiency, security, etcetera.

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What is agrovoltaic energy and why can it help curb rural depopulation?

Agrovoltaic energy can be a great ally in the fight against climate change, as well as an opportunity for development in rural areas Talking about new opportunities in the development of renewable energy is always a positive thing, especially when they can help the development of rural areas, which in some parts of Spain are... Read more »

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