Month: March 2016

Oman International Conference on Big Data and Smart City (ICBDSC) 2016, March 15-16

The conference, that will take place in the capital of the Arab Emirate of Oman, Muscat, is organized by the Middle East College, with the collaboration of organisations like the University of Barcelona or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEE). Would you like to know more details about how is evolving the Smart City... Read more »

Velatia is leading the Nautilus project

Companies such as Astilleros Murueta, Tamoin, Vicinay Marine and Tecnalia Technology Centre are participating in the NAUTILUS project, which is included within the “Collaboration Challenges” programme of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) The NAUTILUS project, led by Velatia and funded by the “Collaboration Challenges of the State Research, Development and Innovation Programme Oriented... Read more »

The 2nd Smart Cities India Expo will take place on May´s 11

A huge population challenge because of a ​1.251 million population growing year by year and a problem in people´s needs management that will grow as fast as the indian economy grows; but however, a​ clear horizon: 100 smart cities across 21 states in 5 years.​ That´s the reality that India, with a US$ 15,329.26 million budget wants to talk about in it´s 2nd Smart... Read more »