Month: May 2018

Offshore Wind Farm

Poland is back on the wind energy map after planning 8 GW of offshore wind energy

The European country has announced an ambitious plan for installing 8 GW of offshore wind capacity in the Polish Baltic Sea The renewable energy market continues giving us news about how countries are trying to addapt their energy production to a new paradigm of sustainable and green energy. Today is the turn of Poland, that wants to boost their wind energy power with a plan of 8 GW of offshore wind located in the Polish Baltic Sea. Although the time horizon that PSE, the public company responsible of design and carry out effective this plan, is 2026/2027 for the first 4 GW of offshore wind, the remaining energy capacity will be installed in longer term, as Eryk Klokowski, President of PSE, confirmed.This information, published by WindEurope, confirms how Poland has become a key leader in the offshore field supply...