How can we protect our network from cyber-attacks?

A hyper-connected and digitised world is a great technological advantage that can also become a threat to our cybersecurity, but how do we protect our network from cyber-attacks? It is undeniable. We live at a time when each and every one of us generates huge amounts of digital data and information of which we are... Read more »

10 weaknesses in corporate cybersecurity

Protecting a company’s cybersecurity is essential to ensure control and ownership of critical information. Here are the weaknesses that can put it at risk Nowadays, most businesses are undergoing a rapid process of digital transformation and migration to the cloud; so now, more than ever, internet resources are increasingly in demand. This is why understanding... Read more »

How to create smart spaces for business development?

Encouraging smart spaces becomes a determining factor for the development of new business opportunities and the efficiency of existing ones If there is one thing that new digital technologies have made clear in recent years, it is the enormous value they can bring to businesses. Whether in digital-based activities or wherever digitalisation is a tool... Read more »

What is green energy and what generation sources does it include?

Did you know that green energy is renewable but not all renewables are considered green energy? This explanation of 100% renewable energy will surprise you You’ve probably heard, either on a TV programme with some brainy talking heads or on a pretentious Twitter thread, that green energy and its various generation sources is a subject... Read more »

What is agrovoltaic energy and why can it help curb rural depopulation?

Agrovoltaic energy can be a great ally in the fight against climate change, as well as an opportunity for development in rural areas Talking about new opportunities in the development of renewable energy is always a positive thing, especially when they can help the development of rural areas, which in some parts of Spain are... Read more »

Historic take-off of an Airbus 380 with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

The A380 joins the A319neo and A350 as the first three Airbus aircraft to fly using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel20 (SAF) Blagnac airport (Toulouse-France) has witnessed a new milestone in aviation as the iconic Airbus A380 took off on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). During the three-hour flight, the A380’s 4 turbines (equipped with Rolls-Royce... Read more »

Europe needs to invest 280 billion euros in electric vehicle charging infrastructure

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has published a report urging the European Union to encourage investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure Investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Europe needs to be boosted by no less than 280 billion euros. This is stated in the latest report published by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association... Read more »