The Australian renewable sector reaches record growth in 2016

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The “aussies” have increased their compromise with the renewable energy sector during the last year, reaching US$2.99 billion investment

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER), a Government body responsible for accelerating carbon abatement for Australia, has recently published the results obtained during 2016 by the investments in the large-scale renewables. With more than AU$4 billion (US$2.99 billion) that can be translated into a 2GW renewable energy boost to the Australian grid.

This result supposes is five times greater than 2015 investment. Furthermore, 98 new plants, 86 solar, were cmmissioned during 2016, without ignoring the small-scale renewable investment, that was also strong reaching 182,000 new installations. With these new investements, nowadays Australia accumulates 5.6GW of solar installed capacity, bearing in mind that is the sum of the solar panels plus hot water systems.

2020, a new renewable horizon

Australia has signed a renewable energy target of 23.5% by 2020 that looks close to be reached if the investment pace goes on, as the CER confirms.  In addition, the CER has announced that 4,100 direct jobs have been boosted by the sector during the year.

By the other hand, 35 large-scale renewable energy projects are under construction in Australia, something that “provides a clear pathway for Australia´s future energy needs” as the CER says. For that needs, the isle will require between 5-6GW of new capacity (according to the 2020 year target), something why the large-scale projects will be crucial.

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