Green Week 2016, “Investing for a greener future”


The Green Week event, organized by the European Commission in Brussells, will discuss from Monday, 30 May to Friday, 3 June, about the European environmnet policy

Wich one is the future of the European green policies? Are the European institutions driving a change for a greener future? If you are interested in the ecological footprint and how to reduce it by creating employees and improving the citizens lifes, this summit will resolve your doubts.

5 days of environment policyGreen Week 2016

The week, that will be centred in the Belgian city of Brussels, will address on how the “investments of today can help a greener future become a reality”. That´s why each day of this week, events will be focused in one topic:

  • Monday 30/05: ¿How greener cities can improve the quality of urban life?
  • Tuesday 31/05: Ways of securing our future through investments in the countrsyside.
  • Wednesday 01/06: Finding the financing for our needs.
  • Thursday: 02/06: A look at the investment in our oceans.
  • Friday 03/06: A more global outlook, investing in sustainable development for future generations.

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