How does a Smart Airport work?

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The Smart Airports are focused in the experience of the customer. Today, in Velatia Networks, we show you each device interacts in a Smart Airport

Ikusi is an acknowledged IT specialist in the airport sector, with 35 years of proven experience. This company, that is part of the Velatia group, provides innovative solutions through proprietary development and partner alliances.Today, we are going to show how they improve the airport customer experience to a Smart Airport one, by providing Spider Pax Flow, their Airport of Things tool.

Take a look to this video to understand how does a Smart Airport work by using Ikusi´s solution Spider Pax Flow:

About Spider 

Spider is a solution for controlling and optimizing processes. In line with A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) and TAM (Total Airport Management) philosophies, it facilitates the establishment of indicators, metrics, alarms and activities based on the definition of the various airport processes, by correlating data and signals from any system used in the airport environment and adjusting airport operation and resources to real-time demand. Spider’s sphere of action covers the three main sector processes: aircraft, luggage, and passengers.

Spider as an airport operations control center (AOCC) tool is an innovative solution with a holistic vision of real-time airport management that facilitates the action (and not the reaction) of its managers and operators, enabling data sharing between the different stakeholders, which redounds to an overall optimum performance.

Associated solutions:

  • Spider Pax Flow
  • Spider A-CDM
  • Spider Passenger Validation System (PVS)
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