Ikusi deploys its Condor slot management and monitoring solution at Cuba’s international airports

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Ecasa, the state-owned enterprise that operates Cuba’s airports, has placed its trust in Ikusi to deploy Condor slot management, enabling it to optimize the management of airport slots in response to the growing demand for flights anticipated at the country’s airports.

After an initial data-gathering and characterisation phase at Cuba’s airports, the Condor slot management solution will shortly begin functioning to coordinate the country’s ten international airports, the biggest ones among them being those of Havana and Varadero.

The Condor solution proposed by Ikusi is capable of ensuring an orderly management of airport slots in such a way that the airport’s operating capacity will be maximised. Condor is a top-level solution that assists specialised airport coordinators not only in their work to plan the season (in accordance with the deadlines and schedules established by IATA), but also in the daily management associated with the requests of airlines and unforeseen changes that inevitably arise during everyday operations.

Condor helps to coordinate, optimise and detect operational limitations, apply the corrective measures needed to solve them, and to plan efficiently depending on the different needs of the summer and winter seasons and the actual capacity of the airports themselves, but always in accordance with the industry’s international rules and regulations.

Condor enables planning and monitoring to take place on the basis of various airport resources that limit capacity. Common resources such as runways are complemented by other limitations such as what Condor regards as maximum terminal capacity per hour, docking positions, security checkpoints, etc. Condor also contributes towards better planning of air space thanks to its integration into ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider) systems.

So Ecasa is taking a leap towards modernising its airport management systems by enhancing operational efficiency with a view to addressing the significant challenges that the Cuban state-owned enterprise will be facing over the coming months.

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