India inaugurates its largest public EV charging station

The Magenta electric vehicle charging station, located in Mumbai, it´s equipped with 21 AC/DC chargers

India´s Electric Vehicle sector has reached a new milestone during this June with the inauguration of the largest public EV charging stations in Mumbai. This station has been powered by Magenta Power, a company based in Mumbai with an R&D centre in Maharashtra that will focus on futuristic technologies in the field of electric vehicles, charging supply equipment and smart data analytics.

The Magenta Power station in Mumbai, inaugurated by Maharashtra Minister of Industries and Mining Subhash Desai, features 21 AC/DC chargers, including four DC chargers ranging from 15 kW to 50 kW of capacity and 17 AC chargers between 3.5 kW and 7.5 kW of capacity, and becomes the largest public station of that kind in the country. The fast DC chargers can charge a vehicle in 45 minutes. A parking lots has also been developed to allow overnight charging of EVs via slow AC chargers. Furthermore, this station will be functional 24/7 and has a rooftop solar plant installation of 40 kW.

In addition, the station users can operate the chargers via the ChargeGrid App, that allows consumers a remote monitoring and includes an automated payment gateway.


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