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The Kyoto Smart City summit, that will convert the cty into the #smartcity capital of the world for three days, wants to keep on with the done work of the Smart City World Congress of Barcelona, boosting a key sector for the japanese economy

The 2015 edition, with 8,280 participants (overseas 25 countries, 428 people) and 115 exhibitors from various businesses and organizations, confirmed that the smart cities are something serious in Japan.

This year, with the purpose of “contributing to a sustainable society by reviewing the results of the Kyoto Smart City Expositions up to now, and joining with the Smart City Expo World Meetingdeveloped by Barcelona”, the summit wants to go further than other years bypromoting the creation of new markets through forming a network to interact with regions all over the world, business, and technology“. As the organization says in the official webpage.

“Next Generation Smart Challenge”

This year the summit wants the best smart ideas and that´s the main reason of the “Next Generation Smart Challenge” activity.


A programm that is looking to “provide young researchers leading the next generation with an opportunity of proposing commercialization ideas about smart city, and to give birth of global venture companies in Kyoto, a “city of entrepreneur”.

What about the Symposiums of Kyoto Smart City expo?

We can´t say anything about this, just because there is not any information for now. We hope that, in a close future, the organization publishes all the information about this.

Other years report:

  • Click here to download the 2015 edition report
  • Click here to download the 2014 edition report
We´ll keep on reporting you about the latest news of the 2016 Kyoto Smart City Expo.
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