Poland is back on the wind energy map after planning 8 GW of offshore wind energy


The European country has announced an ambitious plan for installing 8 GW of offshore wind capacity in the Polish Baltic Sea

The renewable energy market continues giving us news about how countries are trying to addapt their energy production to a new paradigm of sustainable and green energy. Today is the turn of Poland, that wants to boost their wind energy power with a plan of 8 GW of offshore wind located in the Polish Baltic Sea. Although the time horizon that PSE, the public company responsible of design and carry out effective this plan, is 2026/2027 for the first 4 GW of offshore wind, the remaining energy capacity will be installed in longer term, as Eryk Klokowski, President of PSE, confirmed.

This information, published by WindEurope, confirms how Poland has become a key leader in the offshore field supply chain allong the last years. 12.000 direct jobs in this sector supports the demand of countries like Germany, that is investing strongly in a green energy like the offshore wind. Jobs that will grow, significantly, with the irruption of these offshore wind plan for Poland. Actually the Polish offshore wind market is prepared to supply the 50% of the components need for offshore wind farms like these that are planned.

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