Smart Grid market will reach USD 83.81 Billion by 2022

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Scalar Market Research publishes a forecast that considers a USD 39,84 billion business for Smart Grid market during 2016

The Smart Grid market is in good health, or so it seems if we look the results that the “Smart Grid Market” study, published Scalar Market Research, shows. A huge growth will go hand in hand with this field, considered as the future of the electrical grid. As the publication says, in 2022 this field will suppose 83.81 Billion Dollars, a huge amount of money that means one thing: a electrical grid renovation.

If we talk about investment in the grid, we have to talk about some key regions that will lead this change in the future years. The growth, expected from the current USD 39.84 Billion to 83.81 Billion Dollars, will be leaded by the Asia-Pacific Region, who will dominate this market during the forecast period. China and India, as is expected, will be the main customers of a field that will also win territory in the North American region.

Ormazabal, the best partner

Ormazabal, one of the smart grid distribution global leaders, offers a complete solution for any smart grid project. Its “Intelligent energy mangamente node”, includes all the smart grid system to serve the electrical grid. Take a look to the full solution:

Smart Grids market

But, which aspects are critical to be renewed?

This regions have a big chance to renew some infrastructures that are not as efficient as they would like, according to the growing demand they will face during the next decades. Thus, issues like energy efficiency and conversation, lower costs of transmission technologies and the grid safety will boost the development of the smart grid technologies.

Which things have been considered to compose this study? 

  • Disitribution Management System
  • Meter Data Management System
  • Demand Response Management
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • Service (Implementation, Consulting, Repair & Maintenance)
  • Sensor (Transformer Monitoring, Voltage, Dynamic Line Rating, Home Area Network)
  • End-USer (Industrial, Commercial, Enery & Utility and Residential Sector)

This study is available to download by the following link,

About Scalar Market Research

Scalar Market Ressearch, Inc., a U.S.-based market research and consulting firm, assists organizations from around the world to achieve their business goal with premium market research reports and consulting services.

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