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Investment in Smart Cities will reach €114 billion in 2020

The global Smart Cities spending guide study estimates that global investment in Smart Cities increased by 18.9% compared to the previous yearInternational Data Corporation (IDC), a benchmark company dedicated to market research, has launched a predictive study on how the Smart Cities sector will behave, predicting an upward trend in investment which will reach €114 billion this year, an increase of 18.9% compared to 2019.The Top 100 cities investing in smart initiatives accounted for 29% of total spending around the world, with Tokyo, London, Singapore and New York leading the way with $1 billion in 2020, although the report points to smaller towns as a dispersed market where, on average, one-year, million-dollar projects will be developed.From a regional perspective, the United States, Western Europe, and China will account for nearly...