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How does a jet engine work?

Do you know how an aeroplane´s jet engine works?

Over 30,000,000 planes take off around the world every year, and the number is still rising. But do you know how an aeroplane's jet engine works?Whether for a happy event, such as a dream holiday, or due to work commitments, everybody will take a plane at some point in their lives. You may be scared of flying, or you may love this feeling that humans have pursued since the beginning of time, but at some point you will no doubt have wondered how the jet engine –that fascinating machine that is capable of transporting us quickly anywhere around the world– actually works.Being a purist, the true question would be how an aeroplane's reaction engine works. The commercial aeroplane we have come to know –yes, the one where you have to fight if you don't check in your suitcase– works in the vast majority of cases through a jet engine. Sound interesting?...