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10 weaknesses in corporate cybersecurity

Protecting a company’s cybersecurity is essential to ensure control and ownership of critical information. Here are the weaknesses that can put it at risk Nowadays, most businesses are undergoing a rapid process of digital transformation and migration to the cloud; so now, more than ever, internet resources are increasingly in demand. This is why understanding... Read more »

The United Arab Emirates organised a global exercise to curb cyber-attacks

The Arab country led an exercise involving more than 140 countries that demonstrated its commitment to curbing cyber-attacks The UAE Cybersecurity Council, in close collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), conducted a joint virtual exercise titled “Cyber 193” with the aim of training participants in different techniques to curb cyber-attacks,... Read more »

Cybersecurity work is starting to overwhelm IT managers in some companies

The growing number of alerts and attacks is putting a strain on telecommunications infrastructure managers, who need expert cybersecurity support Digital transformation and the inclusion of Internet in our professional lives has created a range of opportunities unprecedented in modern times. This digital revolution, which seems to be advancing more rapidly than ever with COVID-19... Read more »