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WiFi 6

What is WiFi 6, and how will it improve our internet connection?

WiFi 6, which will use the 6 Ghz range, comes with a better network connection under its armIn October 2018, the WiFi Alliance –the organisation responsible for the WiFi network around the world– announced the emergence of a new player in communication network technology: WiFi 6. This wireless transmission technology has been developed by the IEE Standards Association and will improve speed, stability with a large number of connected devices, and energy efficiency compared to previous versions.As published by WiFi Alliance in a press release on its website, this WiFi 6, so called as it operates with 6 GHz radio resources, will put an end to the network congestion problems currently suffered due to the large number of data consumers. This will be achieved because WiFi 6 will offer contiguous spectrum blocks to insert 14 additional...