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The energy future of Saudi Arabia: 60GW of renewable energy by 2030

The arabic country could install a total of 60GW of renewable energy, as has been known in an interview with the UAE state news agency, WAMDr. Khalid bin Saleh Al Sultan, President of the King Abdullah Atomic and Renewable Energy City, has granted an interview where the energy future of Saudi Arabia has been showed to the World. In the words of the Saudi authority, the country is studying a 40GW of solar and 20GW of a mix of wind and other clean energy solutions, plan that could be a reality by 2030.This situation is the continuation of the renewable energy tenders, like the one of 700MW in 2017, that are becoming more and more common in the Saudi energy market.The plan, that comes as part of a Saudi attempt to boost and integrate more renewable energy under the framework of the KSA Vision 2030 and the National Transformation...