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India’s renewables investment grew between April and July

India’s renewables sector received a total investment of $6.6 billion in the second quarter of the year, surpassing the total investment in 2020 India’s renewable energy sector is in good shape. The second quarter of the year has been a boon for investors, who have earmarked more than the entire amount invested last year, as... Read more »

India inaugurates its largest public EV charging station

The Magenta electric vehicle charging station, located in Mumbai, it´s equipped with 21 AC/DC chargers India´s Electric Vehicle sector has reached a new milestone during this June with the inauguration of the largest public EV charging stations in Mumbai. This station has been powered by Magenta Power, a company based in Mumbai with an R&D... Read more »

What has happened in the Indian Smart City sector during the last year?

The Indian Smart City sector is one of the most interesting markets. Let´s know what happened during the last year Smart Cities and India are words that, since some years ago, are clearly connected. PM Modi´s Government is boosting many plans to make India´s cities smarter for the next years. The growing population of India, that will... Read more »