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Investment in Smart Cities will reach €114 billion in 2020

The global Smart Cities spending guide study estimates that global investment in Smart Cities increased by 18.9% compared to the previous yearInternational Data Corporation (IDC), a benchmark company dedicated to market research, has launched a predictive study on how the Smart Cities sector will behave, predicting an upward trend in investment which will reach €114 billion this year, an increase of 18.9% compared to 2019.The Top 100 cities investing in smart initiatives accounted for 29% of total spending around the world, with Tokyo, London, Singapore and New York leading the way with $1 billion in 2020, although the report points to smaller towns as a dispersed market where, on average, one-year, million-dollar projects will be developed.From a regional perspective, the United States, Western Europe, and China will account for nearly...

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The wind is blowing in favour of wind power: 550 billion investment up to 2028

Installing wind power will represent investment of arround €550 billion over the next eight yearsWood Mackenzie, the energy, chemicals, renewable energy, metals and mining global research and consultancy group, has determined that investment in wind power –one of the pillars of the global renewable energy industry– will grow by 8% over the next eight years, reaching €55 billion annually. This energy, which accumulates 591,000 MW installed worldwide, would mean a total investment of €5 billion over the course of 2020-2028.The consultant clarifies that these figures are based both on the increase in offshore demand, which has risen by up to 20%, and on the rise in the price of turbines themselves. Numerous associations, such as Wind Europe, back up the key role this industry plays in achieving the climate...