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Offshore wind

Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition says 1,400 GW of offshore wind is possible by 2050

The OREAC, an initiative led by major players in the offshore wind industry, thinks that the offshore wind will be crucial in the economic recoveryInvesting in renewable energy as the pillar for an economic recovery, one ambitous plan that, after the publication of the road map set by the "Next Generation UE", looks closer for the industry, that has grown by over 30 per cent in the last decade, with 30 GW of capacity installed today across the world. This view is now shared by the Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition (OREAC), an initiative led by major players in the offshore wind industry that looks for the climate action by the investment in renewable sources.By these means, the OREAC has revealed a report called "The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change" that estimates that during the...

Offshore Wind

Europe reached a record in the offshore wind installations during 2019

The old continent added 3.6 GW of offshore wind to its energy generation capacity, reaching a new recordThe past year confirms that Europe is increasing the offshore wind installations due to the Green Deal compromise. This is something that WindEurope (The European Wind Association) confirms in the last report published this February. This is illustrated by the fact that 10 new offshore farms came online across 5 countries of the old continent.The UK was the main offshore installer during 2019, reaching 1.7 GW of new capacity and followed by Germany (1.1 GW), Denmark (374 MW), Belgium (370 MW) and Portugal (with 8 MW of floating offshore wind). Adding these new 3.6 GW to its installation capacity, Europe has 22 GW of offshore wind. The UK and Germany account for three-quarters of it. Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands...