The United Arab Emirates organised a global exercise to curb cyber-attacks

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The Arab country led an exercise involving more than 140 countries that demonstrated its commitment to curbing cyber-attacks

The UAE Cybersecurity Council, in close collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), conducted a joint virtual exercise titled “Cyber 193” with the aim of training participants in different techniques to curb cyber-attacks, which are currently on the rise and require greater international cooperation to detect and prevent them. The one-day exercise, held last Saturday 19 March, brought together more than 140 countries, fostering cooperation with strategic partners through videoconferencing and cloud computing methods, according to GulfNews.

During the exercise, which took place within the framework of Expo 2020, more than 20 different cyber-scenarios were simulated, providing participants with the opportunity to learn about the latest global cyber-security industry trends and contribute to strengthening international partnerships in order to curb cyber-attacks and different digital emergency scenarios. Local personalities such as Eman Al Awadhi, Deputy Director of Cybersecurity and Resilience at Dubai Expo 2020, and Adel Mohamed Darwish, Director, Regional Office of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for the Arab States, attended this cyber-security summit.

The Deputy Director of Cybersecurity and Resilience at Expo 2020 Dubai said in statements that Expo 2020 Dubai is “a smart city that extends over an area of 4.38 square kilometres and includes more than 13,000 advanced cameras and more than 8,000 contact points distributed throughout the site.”

How to curb cyber-attacks?

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