What is WiFi 6, and how will it improve our internet connection?

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WiFi 6, which will use the 6 Ghz range, comes with a better network connection under its arm

In October 2018, the WiFi Alliance –the organisation responsible for the WiFi network around the world– announced the emergence of a new player in communication network technology: WiFi 6. This wireless transmission technology has been developed by the IEE Standards Association and will improve speed, stability with a large number of connected devices, and energy efficiency compared to previous versions.

As published by WiFi Alliance in a press release on its website, this WiFi 6, so called as it operates with 6 GHz radio resources, will put an end to the network congestion problems currently suffered due to the large number of data consumers. This will be achieved because WiFi 6 will offer contiguous spectrum blocks to insert 14 additional 80 MHz channels and a further 7 160 MHz channels, both of which are necessary for high-bandwidth applications.

WiFi 6 promises 4 main blocks of improvements:

  • Greater data speed
  • Increased capacity
  • Better performance in environments with many connected devices
  • Improved energy efficiency
Main differences between WiFi 5 and WiFi 6.
Main differences between WiFi 5 and WiFi 6. Source: internal

Moreover, the theoretical speed will be an improvement of 40% compared to WiFi 5, increasing from the theoretical 6.9 Gbps of the previous version to 9.6 Gbps for WiFi 6.

Video and augmented reality, the main beneficiaries

Among the many benefits that this new type of WiFi will bring to users, there are two that will truly benefit from the increased range of this type of network technology. Video, mostly in HD, 4K or UltraHD, will find that this technology is a powerful ally when it comes to increasing potential consumers. The increase in range will support more WiFi users, as well as to delivering improved network performance.

Augmented reality, for its part, will also benefit greatly. This burgeoning technology will have a new framework in which to live alongside technologies that allow its development in direct applications such as machine analysis, remote maintenance and virtual training.

Do you know how the Internet reaches your home?

While we have delved into how this new WiFi 6 will work and the benefits it will bring to consumers, we may still be missing the basics. Do you know how the Internet actually reaches your home?

Sometimes the everyday –that which is part of our routine– becomes so ubiquitous that we do not even stop to consider how it works, and the Internet is undoubtedly one of those technological wonders that we have already assimilated naturally, without taking into account everything that lies behind it.

The video below will show you the web of networks and elements that allow you to be reading this article right now. Be sure to check it out.

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