Smart Grid Event: SGCC’s 2017 Consumer Symposium, January 30th

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Beyond the Grid: Connecting tomorrow´s consumers, will be celebrated in San Diego, California, the next January 30, 2017

One of the industry´s “top premier events in consumer engagement around the smart grid”, as the organization says, will take place on Monday, January 30 of 2017, with the aim of taking a look to the “issues shaping today around consumers and the smart grid”. Although at the moment we don´t have the agenda, the summit looks interesting to discover the topics about this crucial industry.

Attendees at the Symposium will gain insightful information and tactics on creating new and innovative solutions to help engage consumers about the smart grid in 2017. Additionally, industry stakeholders will learn proactive approaches to communicate the value of smart grid investments to consumers.

BONUS: All Symposium attendees will receive a complimentary copy of SGCC’s 2017 State of the Consumer report. You can view the past State of the Consumer reports here.

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Source: Smartgridcc


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